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San Diego’s South County is rich in history and is home to neighborhoods such as Chula Vista, Imperial Beach and Otay Mesa. Click below to read more about each one. Click below to get in touch with us regarding a specific home in any of these neighborhoods.
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Bonita | 91902

Occupying a beautiful five-mile stretch between Chula Vista and National City that includes sloping hills, pleasant valleys, and the Sweetwater River, Bonita is home to nearly 13,000 residents who enjoy living in the rural unincorporated community.

Located just 15 miles southeast of downtown San Diego, Bonita is a rural environment that provides many opportunities and choices to people seeking Bonita real estate and Bonita homes for sale. The area offers open spaces, friendly people, several shopping centers, churches, golf courses and lovely, pleasurable weather. Widely considered a small town community with close access to the “big city” – this rustic, idyllic neighborhood is perfect.

While much of Bonita was formed from numerous housing tracts and developments that were built in a housing boom between the 1960s and the 1980s, today Bonita homes for sale cover a large range of smaller single-family homes all the way up to hill top estates with sprawling Bonita real estate landscapes. Bonita offers a little piece of country with all the benefits of the beautiful coastal environment of San Diego. Just a short drive from the beach, with nearby Sweetwater Regional Park available for hiking and outdoors activities, Bonita has something for everyone.

Chula Vista | 91910, 91911, 91913, 91914

A culturally diverse city of nearly 230,000 residents, Chula Vista is located just seven miles from downtown San Diego and seven miles from the Mexican border. Chula Vista is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, San Diego County’s second most populated city, and the fourteenth largest city in California.

Meaning “beautiful view” in Spanish, Chula Vista real estate features stunning sceneries of the Pacific Ocean, San Diego Bay on the west, and a majestic backdrop of mountains on the east. Chula Vista residents can find a number of shopping areas and golf courses around town, and enjoy top venues in the area including Cricket Wireless Amphitheatre, Knott’s Soak City, and the Arco Olympic Training Center, which is one of the nation’s only year-round U.S. Olympic Training centers. With Chula Vista’s relatively warm and moderate weather throughout the year, it’s no wonder the city is growing at such an incredible rate.

Chula Vista home owners live in a small town atmosphere yet still a thriving community. Although home values have increased throughout California, Chula Vista has maintained a competitive edge in pricing compared to other cities in San Diego with a wide selection of Chula Vista real estate and Chula Vista homes for sale ranging from affordable housing developments to multi-million dollar homes. The city is recognized for providing exceptional services and amenities to its residents, making Chula Vista real estate very desirable. Through its’ Growth Management Ordinance, new home construction is limited based on “threshold standards” linked with public services and other quality of life factors assuring that residents live in well serviced neighborhoods.

Eastlake | 91915

A master planned community located within Chula Vista, Eastlake was designed to support healthy and happy living, and has thoroughly succeeded! Voted “San Diego’s Best New Home Community” multiple times in The San Diego Union-Tribune reader’s poll, this thriving community offers the best of both worlds, offering country-like living with convenient access to downtown San Diego. With just over 2,500 residents, Eastlake is a serene escape from city life.

The 3,200 acres of Eastlake real estate that make up the pleasant and peaceful community were designed to create a neighborhood within Chula Vista that is friendly, providing all the best schools, parks, necessary stores and business centers within a single, safe, and secure area. A multitude of recreational areas and facilities are just minutes from most Eastlake real estate, Eastlake homes for sale and Eastlake property, including the Eastlake Country Club, the Salt Creek Golf Course, and a variety of parks ranging in size from one block to several hundred acres.

Eastlake includes beautiful and safe residential areas with beautiful Eastlake homes for sale, retail and commercial centers, industrial/office complexes, and fun and friendly recreational areas. Eastlake home owners enjoy perfect weather nearly year round, with close access to Chula Vista’s top venues, such as Coors Amphitheatre, Knott’s Soak City, and all of the amenities of downtown San Diego just a short drive away from most Eastlake real estate.

Imperial Beach | 91932

Known as “America’s Most South-Westerly City,” and located in the South Bay area of San Diego, Imperial Beach is a sleepy surf town home to nearly 30,000 people. Located just 15 minutes from downtown San Diego and five miles from Mexico, Imperial Beach is probably one of the most famous faces of San Diego, with the instantly recognizable Imperial Beach pier often shown on TV, reality shows, movies and magazines. IB’s “Classic Southern California” town feel can make anyone feel at home.

Due to its gorgeous coastal location, great weather, scenic beauty, thriving commercial sector, and close-knit community feel, Imperial Beach real estate is in high demand. Surfing is one of the most popular activities for residents in the 4.5-square mile community, and one of the top crowd pleasers each year is the city’s sandcastle building contest that attracts competitors and spectators from all over the world.

Imperial Beach real estate and Imperial Beach homes for sale include a wide variety of dwellings, including beach cottages, single-family homes, condos and large estates. Many residents enjoy ocean views and a visually stunning nightly sunsets directly out of their windows. In addition to the many opportunities for surfing, swimming and simply enjoying the un-crowded, pristine beaches and world-class surf, Imperial Beach is one of the last untouched beach towns in Southern California, and is home to 4,000 acres of protected coastal habitats, making it an ideal location for nature hikes, bird watching and more.

National City | 91950

Incorporated in 1887, National City is the second oldest city in San Diego and one of the most prominent areas as well. Located in the South Bay area of San Diego County, just 20 minutes from Downtown San Diego and 10 miles from the US-Mexico border, National City has gained a positive reputation as an industrial and business-oriented community with more than 3000 businesses and corporations in the area. Over 54,000 happy residents call National City home.

National City real estate is a draw for San Diego newcomers and locals alike for its excellent year-round mild climate, close proximity to the waterfront and Mexico, and wide variety of shopping areas, malls, businesses and restaurants to choose from. While many people consider National City real estate to be the prime location for business, its central setting in San Diego and “10 minutes from everywhere” positioning make it an ideal place to live too. National City real estate is among the most affordable and reasonably priced in San Diego County.

National City homes for sale can be found in small residential neighborhoods and private estates alike, and are known for having some of the most gorgeous views of the bay. As the second oldest city in San Diego, National City homes for sale also include some of the most beautiful and unique Victorian homes in the county. While the city is relatively old, new real estate projects continue to pop up throughout National City, with many new condos and homes still becoming available in the area. The city’s diverse mix of old Victorian homes and new modern housing offers a world of choices for National City property and home buyers.

Otay Mesa | 92154

Bordering a popular port of entry between Mexico and the United states is the rural town of Otay Mesa. Otay Mesa property runs south along the Otay River Valley and sits just West of I- 85. This community is considered part of rural San Diego and is defined by its closeness to the border as well as its handy nearness to the city. Otay Mesa residents enjoy year round warm weather and balmy off shore breezes which makes Otay Mesa property desirable Southern California real estate.

If Southern California is what you are after, it doesn’t get much more Southern than this. Otay Mesa real estate is as close as you can get to own a piece of Baja Califnora without crossing the border. Take a look at Otay Mesa homes for sale and find out how easy it is to live the dream of home ownership near the ocean. Otay Mesa real estate is a great consideration for people in search of friendly communities as well as anyone who loves to fish and surf.

If you are hunting for a reasonable single family home or even a quiet condominium complex to call home, a list of Otay Mesa homes for sale will surely give you the options that you need. Its location allows Otay Mesa residents to enjoy warmer weather year round as well as be just a short drive away from the coast and other great parts of San Diego such as Fashion Valley and the Cleveland National Forest. Otay Mesa homes for sale provide a number of choices when it comes to purchasing your home. Whether you are looking for a single residence with ocean views or a newer condominium, Otay Mesa homes for sale could be exactly what you are looking for.

Paradise Hills | 92139

Residents of Paradise Hills enjoy close proximity to downtown San Diego and National City. Paradise Hills property fills the needs of those seeking low maintenance living with a number of creative condominium complexes and some single family homes. There are a number of beautiful parks in the area and easily accessed schools and with easy access to Hwy 805, residents are able to quickly get to a variety of other attractions in San Diego County, such as Fashion Valley Shopping Center, Qualcomm Stadium, and more. Paradise Hills residents also enjoy quick access to I-5 and local beaches making it a well placed community in San Diego County.

If you are looking for a friendly neighborhood with Palm tree-lined streets and well-established businesses than Paradise Hills real estate may be the place you have been searching for. This area has grown into a comfortable community where you can access down town San Diego quickly as well as the beaches and the major interstates. Paradise Hills real estate offers a variety of living options for every type of person. If low maintenance is what you seek than you will find easy living and affordable apartment complexes. If you are looking to build a future in a single family home with a nice yard than Paradise Hills real estate will having something to fill those needs as well.

Rest assured that if you are looking for Paradise Hills homes for sale than we can help you to find the perfect property for you. Paradise Hills homes for sale offer you enough diversity and options to make your house hunt fun and satisfying and with convenient access to a variety of San Diego attractions, such as downtown San Diego, Coronado Island, and of course, the beaches, you will easily see why so many people have decided to take advantage of the residential opportunities offered by Paradise Hills homes for sale.

San Ysidro | 92173

A vibrant and flourishing city of more than 28,000 residents, San Ysidro is located 15 miles south of Downtown San Diego at the southern most boundary of San Diego, just north of the U.S.-Mexico border. Nearby communities include Tecate to the east, Otay Mesa to the North and Imperial Beach to the west. San Ysidro once belonged to Mexico until it was annexed by the city of San Diego in 1957. Due to its close distance to the border, San Ysidro offers a wide range of opportunities to workers traveling from both sides of the border to work and sell goods.

Named for San Ysidro Labrador, patron saint of the farmers, San Ysidro features its own school district, numerous shopping destinations (including the San Diego Factory Outlet Center and Las Americas Center), and the busiest border crossing in the world thus earning San Ysidro the nickname “The Gateway to Mexico.” The city’s great community feel, well-maintained transportation infrastructure, year-round warm and moderate weather and affordable Mexico Border / San Ysidro real estate draw many to the area.

San Ysidro real estate features a combination of new construction properties and older modern homes, including a great variety of single-family homes, town houses, apartments and condominiums. Revitalization projects in the area such as the Mi Pueblo-San Ysidro Pilot Village have helped to renovate and rehabilitate historic areas of San Ysidro, while adding newly constructed home developments in the process.