Central County Inland

A few miles east from Central County Coastal, San Diego’s Central County inland area is has some of the neighborhoods with the most character, such as North & South Park or Mission Hills. Click below to read more about each one. Click below to get in touch with us regarding a specific home in any of these neighborhoods.
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College Grove | 92115

College Grove is the perfect community for those looking for convenient location and a bountiful selection of entertainment and activities. Located directly east of downtown San Diego and just minutes from Balboa Park, College Grove offers a variety of options all within a short drive. Within College Grove boundaries, one will find local restaurants ranging across a variety of cuisine and businesses with an eclectic variety of services and goods.

College Grove real estate offers something for everyone. With multiple educational options and a location providing easy access to local San Diego attractions such as PETCO Park, the historic Gaslamp Quarter, and Balboa Park, College Park is perfect for those looking to enjoy San Diego to the fullest extent while having an escape from the hustle and bustle of the downtown area.

City Heights | 92105

Directly east of downtown San Diego and just a short drive from Coronado, City Heights is the perfect location for those who want to escape from the bustle of city life, while still being able to enjoy the benefits of living in America’s Finest City. One of the most diverse communities in San Diego, City Heights consists of a variety of authentic cuisines and local businesses truly expressing the nature of this melting pot community.

With the heart of City Heights located at the intersection of Fairmont and University, City Heights real estate is immersed in a variety of culture, language, and tradition. Embracing the mix of culture, City Heights takes pride in their diversity and it can be seen throughout their neighborhoods and City Heights real estate. With a variety of community services and experiences you will be sure to recognize what makes City Heights real estate so unique.

At a glance, anyone is able to experience the beauty in the diversity of culture. Coupled with its convenient relative location to downtown San Diego and Coronado, City Heights homes for sale provide residents with an unprecedented sense of community pride, a unique experience, and a wonderful place to call home.

Del Cerro | 92120

Developed as a community in San Diego County during the 1960s and 70s, Del Cerro is located adjacent to San Carlos, Allied Gardens, San Diego State University and Lake Murray. Spanish for “of the hill,” Del Cerro enjoys warmer temperatures during the spring and summer months than the coastal communities and provides residents with easy access to northern San Diego County as it is situated just east of Hwy 15 and a quick drive to the Pacific Ocean.

Del Cerro real estate ranges in size and architectural design, but all provide residents with what makes Del Cerro a great community: a variety of locally owned restaurants, businesses, and convenient location. With its close proximity to San Diego State University and Qualcomm Stadium, Del Cerro real estate offers something for everyone.

Being within a short drive to the Pacific Ocean and with convenient access to both Hwy 15 and Hwy 8, it is no mystery as to why people choose to explore Del Cerro homes for sale. Close to Lake Murray, Qualcomm Stadium, and El Cajon, Del Cerro is a versatile and friendly community. Enjoy being away from the congestion of the coastal neighborhoods without being separated from some of the top San Diego attractions by becoming a member of the Del Cerro community.

Encanto | 92114

One of San Diego County’s best kept secrets, Encanto is located a short 15 minute drive from downtown San Diego and just east of Hwy. 805. A spread out community located in the hills of San Diego County, Encanto grants residents convenient access to San Diego County attractions such as Balboa Park, Fashion Valley, and Qualcomm Stadium. With a variety of businesses and restaurants, Encanto is a great place to live for anyone looking for a beautiful community away from the crowded feel of other San Diego communities.

As a predominantly low-density residential community, Encanto real estate offers a variety of options for every taste and preference. In addition to being in close proximity to downtown San Diego and Balboa Park, Encanto real estate also allows easy access to the Sweetwater Regional Park the Sweetwater Reservoir. People who call Encanto home enjoy warm inland climates and weather, while still having the ability to take a short trip to the coast and Pacific Ocean.

Sandicor has many listings for Encanto real estate and Encanto homes for sale, many of which offer spacious living, one of the trademarks of this beautiful San Diego community. While few have experienced what makes Encanto homes for sale such a perfect fit for those looking for a new place to call home, it does not take long to realize why Encanto is truly a diamond in the rough. With the ability to easily access coastal areas and other popular San Diego County attractions, Encanto homes for sale will not stay a secret for long.

Kearny & Serra Mesa | 92123

Named for U.S. military base Camp Kearny, which operated in the area from 1917 to 1946 and eventually became Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Kearny Mesa is a thriving community located in the east county of San Diego near Tierrasanta, Serra Mesa and Clairemont. Although primarily a commercial and industrial area, Kearny Mesa’s new turn to high tech industries has launched the neighborhood to center stage as one of the newest residential destinations in San Diego. With a population currently just over 27,000, Kearny Mesa still has plenty of room to grow.

As implied by the name “mesa,” (Spanish for table), Kearny Mesa real estate is predominantly flat. However, it’s anything but boring. The three main neighborhoods in the area, Royal Highlands, Kearny Lodge and Stonecrest, enjoy a wide variety of local amenities, including the Kearny Mesa Recreation Center, which features multipurpose sports fields, lighted baseball diamonds, a BMX track, soccer fields, picnic areas, a dog park, and a swimming pool. Residents also enjoy numerous opportunities, with the thriving area of Kearny Mesa real estate bringing a multitude of new residents, businesses and homes to the neighborhood.

Kearny Mesa real estate includes an astonishing selection of housing options, including quaint and cozy starter homes, single-family houses, condos, and sprawling estates with spacious floor plans.

Linda Vista | 92111

Linda Vista is a beautiful community located on a mesa overlooking Mission Valley. East of Mission Bay and north of Mission Valley, this small community in San Diego County derives its name from the Spanish words for “Pretty View,” and it is easily seen why its name is so very fitting. Linda Vista is a short drive to the Pacific Ocean and moments from Tecolote Canyon, making it perfect for those who enjoy hiking and biking as well as being able to spend a relaxing day at the beach. Set up in the mid 1900’s as a community to offer Americans everything they could possibly need, Linda Vista is close to a variety of restaurants and shopping, being just up the hill from Mission and Fashion Valley.

Linda Vista real estate is perfect for those who do not want to be directly on the coast, but would still like to be able to visit with ease. Its central location to both Hwy 5 and Hwy 8 make it easily accessible from any direction and with its close proximity to Mission Valley and Fashion Valley shopping centers, you will never find yourself lacking something to do with your time. Linda Vista real estate has made Linda Vista a prominent community in San Diego County since the 1940’s and continues to do so as the surrounding areas expand. Its elevated location allows for beautiful sunshine day in and day out as well as providing residents with spectacular views of both the mountains to the east and the ocean to the west.

Close to the University of San Diego, Tecolote Canyon, Mission Bay, and of course, the Pacific Ocean, Linda Vista offers a variety of options for those who like to have access to everything that makes San Diego County one of the best places to live in the country. Whether it is a trip to the beaches and bay, or a day of shopping followed by a movie and dinner, Linda Vista homes for sale give you the freedom to enjoy all that San Diego has to offer. It will only take a moment to understand why Linda Vista homes for sale and Linda Vista real estate are so desirable.

Logan Heights | 92113

Logan Heights is nestled between Hwy 5 to the west and Hwy 15 to the east, just south of beautiful downtown San Diego. One of San Diego’s oldest communities, Logan Heights has been a prime residential area since the early 1900’s. With a variety of neighborhoods and ethnic diversity, Logan Heights is perfect for those looking to locate to a well-established community while having access to a variety of activities in San Diego. With its convenient proximity to both Hwy 5 and Hwy 15, you are only a moment away from everything San Diego has to offer. To the west, it is simply a short drive to Coronado, and to the north, downtown San Diego awaits.

Logan Heights real estate is exactly what you are looking for if you are searching for and desiring a community rich in tradition and history within close proximity to some of the most popular areas in San Diego County. With the ability to enjoy the day in downtown San Diego, or take a drive over the bridge to Coronado, those who have taken advantage of Logan Heights real estate know exactly why this community has sustained such success over the years. With a variety of neighborhoods and ethnic backgrounds, this community is a beautiful melting pot within San Diego County. It is easy to see why so many call this community home and you will not want to miss out on Logan Heights real estate.

Many of the listings available span across a variety of neighborhoods comprise of a variety of ethnicities, all within this quaint community. Logan Heights homes for sale provide residents a place to call home without the crowds of the coastal communities, but while still allowing a short trip to the famous beaches of Coronado, or a trip into downtown San Diego. This community perfectly illustrates all that makes San Diego County such an amazing place to live and you will soon see why Logan Heights homes for sale has something to offer for everyone.

Mission Hills | 92103

Resting nearly at the crux of Hwy 8 and Hwy 5, just southeast of Old Town, is the beautiful community of Mission Hills. Made up primarily of residential areas, Mission Hills is perfect for those looking for an area that offers all of the perks of living in a big city, without the commotion of being directly in the mix. With a few locally owned restaurants and shops within the community, the main benefit of Mission Hills is that those who live there are able to easily access all of the best parts about San Diego County with ease. Its prime location allows residents to quickly get to Mission Valley and Fashion Valley to the east, downtown San Diego, Balboa Park, and Coronado to the south, and of course, the beautiful beaches to the west.

Mission Hills real estate is filled with options for those looking to purchase a property in a residential community and take advantage of the benefits involved with such a place. Located minutes from schools, hospitals, shopping centers and restaurants, Mission Hills provide a rare ambience in that it is a quiet, residential community, yet everything is within reach. Mission Hills real estate allows residents to have access to everything that makes San Diego County great, including the shopping centers, eclectic cuisine, and the Pacific Ocean.

Mission Hills real estate perfectly illustrate why this community has become such a popular place to live. With most of the homes being designed by some of San Diego’s most infamous architects, such as William Hebbard, William Templeton Johnson, and Emmor Brooke, the aesthetic appeal of Mission Hills is rarely matched in the other communities of San Diego County. Mission Hills homes for sale are not only unique in design, but in location. Immediately southeast of Old Town, residents are able to enjoy one of the most historic areas in the county while dining on authentic Mexican cuisine. Old Town, however, is just one of the easily accessed areas from Mission Hills as it is directly east of Hwy 5, and south of Hwy 8. This timeless community has so much to offer that you will quickly decide Mission Hills homes for sale are what you have been searching for.

Mission Valley | 92108

Home to around 11,000 residents, Mission Valley is an increasingly popular area in San Diego County for shopping, entertainment, and now living, with an influx of condominiums, apartments and town homes now available. You will love the luxurious, laidback lifestyle and convenient location of Mission Valley.

Mission Valley is a bustling community located in central San Diego County, and is easily accessible by several major interstates and freeways. The area is a favored shopping destination for San Diego residents, as well as home to Qualcomm stadium, where the San Diego Chargers play. The community has quickly developed into a thriving residential and business community, experiencing continuous high-end development with the construction of gorgeous single-family homes, luxury town houses, apartments and condos. Communities adjacent to Mission Valley include Serra Mesa to the north, Normal Heights to the east and Mission Hills to the west.

There is a broad selection of Mission Valley real estate and Mission Valley homes for sale that offer residents prime access to all that San Diego has to offer. With its convenient central location and quick access to most major San Diego attractions, Mission Valley is one of the leading residential destinations in the county. Mission Valley town homes and condominiums are available in all price ranges to suit a variety of budgets.

Normal Heights | 92116

In the late 1800s the area that would become Normal Heights was sparsely populated farmland with only a sprinkling of houses. It was formally organized and platted in 1906 by the University Heights Syndicate under the direction of D.C. Collier and named Normal Heights for the State Normal School in University Heights.

In 1907 trolley tracks for Line #11 were laid to the western edge of Ward Canyon with a spur line up today’s 35th Street to a gravel quarry. In 1910 Bonnie Brae was platted by Collier east of the gravel quarry to the canyon rim overlooking Ward Road.

Transportation brought population and development to Normal Heights. The man responsible for the main business development of the Normal Heights portion of Adams Avenue was a carpenter named Bertram J. Carteri. He moved to the area in 1916 and began buying, fixing up and selling houses. He bought his first commercial lot, Adams Avenue between Felton and 33rd Streets in c.1922 and, in partnership with noted local architect Louis J. Gill (nephew of Irving Gill), began building what would be known as Carteri Center.

North Park | 92104

Located just five miles from downtown San Diego, and bordering Balboa Park and the world famous San Diego Zoo, North Park is an eclectic community with a population of roughly 12,500 residents. Arts, culture, and cuisine thrive in North Park, which is well known for its beautiful architecture, art galleries and the historic North Park Theatre built in 1928.

As a neighborhood North Park includes several sub-communities like Altadena, Burlingame and Morley Field, and features a wide variety of housing types with distinctive architecture that has been studied for years. North Park offers a wonderful mixture of restaurants, coffee shops, bars and cafes, specialty shops, thrift stores, businesses and cultural venues, including Balboa Park. North Park’s prime location alongside Balboa Park is a great benefit for all residents as it serves as a close by recreational area to jog, play sports and picnic.

Although North Park is a neighborhood of mixed architectural styles from many eras, it is most popular for its broad selection of Arts and Crafts-style bungalows. One particular area of interest with North Park homes for sale is Morley Field. This area is lined with turn-of-the-century Craftsman Bungalows and California Bungalows designed by renowned designer and builder David Owen Dryden.

South Park | 92102

South Park stands out in San Diego for its tree-lined streets, compact blocks, and walkable business district. Predominantly a single-family residence area with some small apartment buildings and bungalow courts, it is noteworthy for its fine and varied collection of Craftsman and Spanish Colonial Revival style homes built between 1905 and 1930.

South Park has been gaining repute for its small businesses since the 1990s, and has long been home to a group of residents diverse in income, age, sexual orientation, and race. Pedestrianism, like in other urban mesa neighborhoods north of Balboa Park, is high relative to the rest of San Diego. The elevation is about 200 feet above sea level but reasonably flat within most of the area. 30th Street forms its main business district and has been called the nation’s best craft beer boulevard by Men’s Journal. Chain and franchise businesses are not common in the area; the 7-11 store at Hawthorn Street being the only one. The area is home to several churches, three bicycle shops, coffee houses, popular restaurants, one medium-sized grocery store, taverns and a wine bar, art galleries, a dog wash, a retail tea store, yoga studio and other business concerns. South Park can be found off 30th Street via car or bicycle and is served by the number 2 line bus.

San Carlos | 92119

San Carlos is located in east San Diego County, in the middle of the communities of Allied Gardens, Del Cerro, Lake Murray and Tierrasanta. This community is densely populated and is home to two elementary schools, a middle school, and high school. With its inland location residents of San Carlos enjoy beautifully warm temperatures, allowing for adventures into the neighboring mountains nearly year round. Just south of Mission Trails Regional park, San Carlos is perfect for those who enjoy hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. If water activities suit you more, Lake Murray Park is immediately south of this San Carlos, and of course, the Pacific Ocean and Mission Bay park are only a short drive away.

San Carlos real estate is perfect for those looking for a well developed, well established community in San Diego County. The neighboring communities of Allied Gardens, Del Cerro, Lake Murray and Tierrasanta, help form a collage of beautiful neighborhoods nestled in the crux of Hwy. 8 and Hwy. 15. Larger cities such as El Cajon and Santee are close enough to be able to enjoy the amenities, but far enough to not detract from the community feeling you will experience by owning San Carlos real estate.

Its location allows for a more modest way of life, while still being able to enjoy everything desirable about San Diego County. San Carlos homes for sale range design and size, so whether you are looking for a single family home, or a newly built condominium, San Carlos will have something perfectly suited for your taste. Take a moment to dive into this East San Diego County community and enjoy the idea of being able to take advantage of all that is offered by our San Carlos homes for sale.

Tierrasanta | 92124

Located just 20 minutes from downtown San Diego, Tierrasanta is known as the “Island in the Hills” due to its unique geography. Bordered by highway 52 to the north, Mission Trails Regional Park to the east, the San Diego River to the south and I-15 on the west, Tierrasanta is not directly bordered by any other community. Tierrasanta’s 30,000 residents enjoy 846 acres of natural, undeveloped space.

Spanish for “holy land,” Tierrasanta was one of the first master-planned communities in San Diego. Tierrasanta real estate is in high demand due to its award-winning school district, many recreational areas, parks, and secluded small town atmosphere. Residents of Tierrasanta work to preserve and protect their surroundings. In addition to its many abundant open spaces and wildlife, Tierrasanta has one of the largest civic parks in America, Mission Trails Regional Park, which features 5800 acres of hiking, biking and horse riding trails.

If you desire peaceful living but still want the perks of living in San Diego County, Tierrasanta can be the ideal choice with its wide and attractive options of homes for sale. There is currently a wide range of Tierrasanta real estate and homes for sale, from delightful and quaint condos and town homes to stunning single family homes and million dollar estates featuring panoramic views of the surrounding parks and canyons.